ac180logo.jpgA few months ago, some of my blogging buddies and I started a journey and created a blog called “A Complete 180” or It has been a great ride and journey so far. As with everything in life, each of the contributors hit a time of “busyness” at the same time. We came to a fork in the road in our journey. Do we continue? Do we leave it there? Do we shut it down?

Last week we began exchanging emails and praying for some direction. Did God ever answer that prayer! The other contributors to the site and I began to compile a “wish list” of sorts for other potential contributors. Would you believe that each and every one of them said “yes”? I think God’s up to something. I wanted to thank each of the contributors (new and old) for sharing the journey. May God continue to use each of us to reach those that he has already determined.

It’s another reminder that when you feel God calling you to something, keep the faith. He goes before us and behind us. You can find links to each of the contributors in the sidebar under AC180 Partners.