img_2091.JPGHave you ever been driving down the road with a friend, singing a song and you totally screw up the lyrics? Worse yet, do you ever not know the lyrics so you either –

A) mumble something that sounds close to the lyric
B) start to whistle as to not give away that you don’t know it

Luckily my wife isn’t nearly as into music as I am. Either that, or she is too nice to point out every time I misquote or mistakenly sing the wrong thing. Well friends, admitting it is the first step. C’mon…I’m not the only one am I?

I thought about this other day when I was “putting on a concert” in the car to “Jet Airliner” by Steve Miller Band. I hit the chorus and belted out.. “Big ol’ Carolina“…. Something told me that just wasn’t right. Next time around I tried “Big ol’ Chet the niner“. You’d think I could have picked up the title of the song. Well friends, there is help. The Archive of Misheard Lyrics is here for you! Check this site out. They give you the correct quote as well as some hilarious versions of what other people thought it was.

We can now cruise the roads of the US and belt out our favorite song to the delight of the family and friends in the car. Hitting the notes is a whole different story….