40 Days of Hope

0849901936.jpgA few of the guys from AC180 and I are going to try something starting October 1st. I figured I would extend the offer to this blog as well. The new Max Lucado book “3:16” is both a book about John 3:16 and a 40 day devotional book. The first 150 pages are Max breaking down the words of that verse. The second part is dedicated to 40 days of short devotionals which he calls “40 Days with the Son“.

Beginning Monday, October 1st, several of us are going to go through the 40 days together (wherever you may live). We’ll be blogging our thoughts and comments over at AC180.com as well. So, if you’re interested you can join us this coming Monday to start the 40 day journey. The best price we have found for “3:16” was at  Walmart for $15.83. Let us know if you’re going to be joining us so we can pray for one another. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all!

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  1. Don Buo

    Christian greetings!

    Forgive the intrusion from a stranger. I am serving as a Youth Minister for a church in Singapore. I was googling ideas for a new series of lessons for my youth class and I stumbled upon your blog.

    Right now, I am doing a series of lessons on “40 Days of Grace”. It would be finished this month. Next month I plan to do a series of lessons on “40 Days of Hope”.

    Any recommendations on where I could get resources, ideas, teaching supplements, etc…?

    Hoping for your kind consideration…

    a fellow servant in Christ,

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