If You're Readin' This

This time, I was the one to call my sister and say “did you hear this yet?”. Folks, remember in advance that I warned ya. Tim McGraw is making a habit out of these isn’t he? My thoughts immediately went to those men and women of our armed forces that are fighting for us. Tear jerker? Yes. But I committed to praying for a soldier each time I hear it. It’s the least we can do. Here’s “If You’re Reading This” by Tim McGraw

One thought on “If You're Readin' This

  1. Yes a tear jerker. Please pray for my cousin, Scott Williams. He was qetting ready to retire from the Army. A couple of weeks ago he got orders to go back to Iraq to head up a group to train Iraq police and military. He is responsible for making sure the wounded get the help they need. He has to coordinate medical trips on various danergous roads. He has been to Bosnia, the DMZ Zone in Korea, Operation Desert Storm, and to Iraq now twice. He said he has no problem doing his job. He just hates to leave his family behind. Please pray for him, his wife, Lisa, and his three boys – Josh (15), Matt (13), and Phillip (12). He is a great man that his given his entire career to protect our freedoms.

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