Is This Our Year?

Not sure we need Jobu’s help, but could 2007 be the Indians year? It all starts on Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Is This Our Year?

  1. My season ended Sunday when the Astros defeated the Braves in their season finale and when my all-time favorite (Craig Biggio) said goodbye. The guy is nothing but class…anyway…I’m gonna root for your Indians, Aaron. Since it’s my dad’s home state and the home of my favorite bloggin’ bro, I’ll just say, “GO INDIANS!” I can’t stand the Yankees and the Cubs will likely choke (again) and I’m completely indifferent on all the others. So, I hope it is your year, Aaron.

  2. Thanks David! Since you’re dad’s from Ohio, you are probably familiar with the sickness that is Cleveland sports. Just a word of caution, if you’re gonna cheer for them, be prepared for the unbelievable. This is not always a good thing. Joe Borowski scares me to death.

    Agree 100% on Biggio. Class all the way.

    While I’m glad you’re gonna cheer for my Indians, your comment about friendship means even more. Thanks David!


    They are better than the Yankees – better pitching, and after A-Rod & Jeter, better position players.

    Really, all the playoff teams are pretty doggone good. That’s kind of why they are in the playoffs, after all! Kudos to Philadelphia for not giving up and getting in, as well as to Colorado – for playing Monday, 13 innings, getting in the playoffs, and then winning tonight!

    (1) Fantasy Baseball is OVER….’til next year, of course
    (2) Lots of Late nights! but not so good for studying

    GOD BLESS THE INDIANS!! and all their fans, for that matter!


    p.s. not so sure about the worshipping idolotry stuff. I know it’s a movie and all, but I was surpirsed when I saw this particular clip…..

  4. No doubt Dennis! Go Tribe indeed! Don’t worry, I’m not giving Jobu any “cigar and rum”. Just couldn’t resist the clip when it comes to the Indians. We need them “very much” to hit curve ball (and the cutter if Rivera’s in).

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