dad4.JPGOn day 2 of “40 Days of Hope” from Max Lucado’s3:16” Max speaks directly of Mary as she held Jesus after his birth (“Mary Cradles God”). The image in this post came directly to my mind. This was taken after the birth of our first child. I remember it like it was yesterday. Looking at this small gift that had the entire world ahead of him. I wondered what he would be like. I hoped I could teach him to avoid my mistakes and give him the wisdom to know better. I never knew he would be what he is today. I never knew the pride I would already have in this little child.

I wonder if Mary had any idea what she was holding that night. While the angels told her who he was, I wonder if she could even imagine what this baby would do for this world. I wonder if she realized that his tiny hands would build, teach, heal and ultimately hold the nails.

God So Love The World” by Hillsong

Tomorrow – “Joseph, Caught In The Middle”