Because of Love

40 Days of Hope – Day 4

This morning’s devo from Max Lucado’s “3:16” was all about love. Since I have much to learn and this devotional reminded me of that, I’ll just quote Max himself. These are words to ponder today –

…that’s what love does. It puts the beloved before itself. Love goes the distance…

Do I put “the beloved” before myself? Do I go the distance when it comes to love? Do I quit when it gets rough or do I commit to doing what needs to be done for the sake of love? God himself left his throne to sleep in a stall his first night. That makes sippy cups, stories at night, playing catch in the yard or listening to someone else talk about their day seem so small doesn’t it? I have much to learn about love.

Tomorrow – “Jesus Goes Home First”

One thought on “Because of Love

  1. Yes we all have a ways to do.
    I recently held my adult daughter in my arms as she cried and wiped her tears away as she sobbed out that she is an awful Mom. I replied that I am too but in spite of me my kids are turning into wonderful people. God is able to do much more than we are and if we ask for help He helps us.

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