images.jpgI spoke with a dear friend this evening that is facing a storm. Through his journey, others have found strength and seen a faith that inspires believers and those that don’t know Christ. He is a warrior in every sense of the word. But even warriors need a place and a time to rest a bit.

When I was growing up, our home had a front porch with a swing on it. It was a place of rest. I had friends in high school that would come over and just hang out on the front porch. More then once, I came home to find that a friend had been there for a while, just hanging out, chatting with my mom. Many a decision was made there. Many the outcome of decision was cried over there. It was a place to rest.

We may grow older and get farther away from home, but as Twila Paris sings, “the warrior is a child”. We still need a time and a place where we can lay down the armor and find rest. The battles get long, the legs grow weary. But praise the Lord there is comfort and a place to rest. Probably my favorite Max Lucado quote says:

“God didn’t still the storm, but he calmed the sailor”

To all who are facing the storms, fighting the battles, may this song bless you today. Deep inside all of our armor, the warrior is a child.

The Warrior is a Child” by Twila Paris