wpkhtfax.jpgOh Lebron! Oh the humanity! How dare you wear a Yankee cap in the Indians crib? How can you ever show your face in Cleveland again after wearing a rival teams hat? This is all tongue in cheek folks. Seriously, where is it written that Lebron has to cheer for the Indians just because he plays for the Cavaliers? The only bad judgment I can see is that he likes the Yankees. It’s not the first time he has worn their gear either. Much ado about nothing. That being said, Hey Lebron, “Scoreboard“!

rcajs.jpgSpeaking of the Indians, it’s a big weekend in our “teepee” too. Hard to believe the “the boy” turns 7 tomorrow. We’ve got the big sleepover tonight which should be interesting. The big prize comes on Sunday when the two of us hop in the car and head to Indianapolis for a 4:00 game at the RCA Dome. It’ll be his first NFL game and both of our first Colts game. Sitting in the suite won’t be too shabby either.

If you have yet to hear the new song from Mercyme called “God with Us“, you can listen to it on their myspace page. Check it out HERE. It pretty well rocks. Only one month before the new CD.

I’ll probably wrap up the weekend of devotionals from “3:16” on Monday as our weekend is packed. Have a great weekend!