“The Bridge”

The most stirring and powerful video example of John 3:16 I have ever seen. I’m not sure how anyone can watch this and not somehow be changed.


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  1. Hope

    We watched this at Lifecentre one morning a few weeks ago. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The video was being sold in the lobby afterward, what a nice gift to give to a seeker, isn’t it?

  2. David

    Dang it, Aaron! I KNEW I shouldn’t have watched this at work!

    Great production and wonderful reminder of the sacrifice made for us. It more than humbles me everytime I sit and REALLY think about what was done for us.

  3. Eddie V

    That was a very poignant video and I did everything not to cry… but did. How thought provoking. One thing I pondered was that the boy had no choice in the video, it was the father who acted. John 3:16 only says God *sent* His son, but the remainder of scripture affirms that Christ gave himself up willingly and it was His own act. That’s a key point the video overlooks. However, it is still powerful…

  4. Aaron

    All –

    Thanks for the comments. I too was touched by this clip when I saw it. I have heard of the larger version of this film, but have not seen it yet. Agreed with several of you that, while moving, it is not the exact same as John 3:16. I also agree with Eddie V that Christ gave himself willingly and knew his entire life, that he was going to do so. Great point.

    I just couldn’t get over the visual of all of those people (us), what each represented and how there was a decision that had to be made. That is the part that really hit me when I watched it. Thanks again for the feedback!

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