Tomorrow is a first for me. Toto and I are flying out VERY early to Kansas. I’ve never been there, so that would make it a first. Just a quick presentation at Kansas Speedway, a quick click of the heels and return to Ohio.

I’m hoping to finally make some progress on the Tony Dungy book “Quiet Strength“. It’s been sitting on my desk and in the sidebar under “Currently Reading” for several weeks now. What I have read so far has been amazing.

I owe an apology to both Tobymac and Casting Crowns for my low reviews of their CD’s the past few months. Both of them have grown on me. Particularly the Tobymac CD (Portable Sounds). I still say that the Casting Crowns CD could have been much better, but there are a few gems on it.

My desktop computer, for reasons unknown to me, decided to crash and burn earlier this week. I have never seen anything like it. Luckily I was able to restore it without losing more then a few pictures I had yet to back up. Maybe that Ortberg book (“When the Game is Over“) really left it’s mark on me though. I just kept thinking “oh well, it’s just stuff“. Probably wouldn’t have felt that way if I had not backed all the images up recently.

The crash led me to a pretty snazzy (technical term) program called Yamipod. If you have ever had that happen and tried to sync your iPod onto the reformatted or new PC, you probably got that message stating that you could only sync those mp3’s that you had purchased from iTunes. This program let’s you make the transfer without losing your MP3’s that did not come from iTunes (ripped from CD’s for example).

Speaking of CD’s, if you’re a fan of the band formerly known as Creed, the guys from Alter Bridge have a new CD out today called “Blackbird”.