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I’ve Seen This Movie…

WordPress has this really cool feature that shows how people came to your blog from a search engine. I am always intrigued, and sometimes perplexed, by the results. To my amazement, 73 people (and counting) have come to the blog today alone searching for “Joe Borowski Scares me to death“. I wish I could say that I was brilliant enough to plan that, but I can’t. The rabbit trail led me to this article on ESPN (comment roughly halfway down the page). Then I figured I would “google it” myself and there was “Arms Wide Open” at number two!

Good to know that I am not alone in my fear and lack of confidence in our closer. Here’s hoping Eric Wedge lets Betancourt finish out the 9th in game 7. I’ve seen this movie before….

*update* – So many people have posted that statement that I’m no longer at number two. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Go Tribe!!!



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  • mudpuppy · October 11, 2007

    I’ve currently had 78 hits on my Yankees Suck post from last week.

    It’s October baby!! :)

  • Aaron · October 11, 2007

    Just checked again and it’s up to 73. Who knew??

    Yes Virginia…It is October! or as the dude on those commercials says..”There’s only one..OCTOBER!”

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