Where Do You Go?

Funny thing about Kansas City and Ohio…very few direct flight opportunities. Actually, there was two. Thus, I landed in KC at about 7:45am this morning. Since our event isn’t until tomorrow morning, I had a full day and nothing to do. I tried to check into my hotel, but alas..”there was no room in the inn”. Literally! The Hampton Inn where I am staying was 100% full so I had to wait until about 3:00!

A brief check of my situation revealed that I had a book, a laptop, and a whole lot of time. So, I did what most people would do in my dire position…I went looking for free Wi-Fi! The first place I went searching for was Panera Bread and sure enough there is one right by the hotel. It’s nestled in this VERY cool place called “The Legends” in KC. Within a matter of moments I was getting caught up on emails and work. All of that build up for this….where do you go?

As I sat there in Panera watching all kinds of people from all walks of life come and go, I pondered that question. The Business Degree in me wondered who the guy or gal that had the idea to offer free Wi-Fi at Panera was. It was a brilliant move. I wondered if people feel about their church, or the church, what they feel about Panera? It is a place that they think immediately of when there is a need? Is it warm, inviting, social and comfortable enough where all are welcomed? What would it take to make the church or our small group communities that kind of place?

Maybe we should offer free Wi-Fi…

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Go?

  1. nope on the church comment… Panera (or Starbucks) is the 3rd place. A place to connect with friends for conversation over coffee… maybe to read… or work… or sit outside and smoke… sometimes its heavy stuff… other times its just wasting time.

    I love the 3rd place!!!! I too choose Panera because of free wi-fi.

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