Flashback Friday

In honor of Bobby Brown getting a “clean bill of health” this week –

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. You are really “giving your age” away here Aaron. Ask some college student who that was and they wouldn’t have a clue. Eric quoted “Airplane” in surgery the other day and the medical student had never heard of the movie!!!!

  2. Classic… When dating, my nickname for Christine was… you guessed it “Candy Girl”… because you guessed it… of this song. I actually pulled out the CD and played it for her. So the romantic that I was… when I took her on a scavenger hunt for our engagement… at one of the stops she listened to “Candy Girl” while munching on Swedish fish….OOOOhhh weeee!

  3. Mary – “It’s a big white building with patients… but that’s not important right now!” Ha-Ha! That is hilarious. Airplane might be one of the most classic movies of all time. And don’t call me Shirley.

    Clay – I had no idea. How awesome is that. My first concert ever was New Edition, when they still had Bobby. I was a big fan, even after Johnny Gill joined. Now I know the “rest of the story”.

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