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Kansas Speedway

We held a customer forum this morning at Kansas Speedway. Since everything I know about NASCAR I learned from watching the Disney Pixar movie “Cars”, this was an experience for me as well. Literally. I didn’t realize this, but arrangements had been made for each of us to do a “ride along” in a NASCAR. Three laps, 170 MPH! I can’t begin to tell you the rush you get coming out of the pits and onto the track. It’s like being shot out of a cannon. We got WAY to close to the walls for my comfort too.

I’m “this close” to being a NASCAR fan now!



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  • David · October 15, 2007

    No, Aaron! Say it ain’t so! ;-)

    You know, as much as I don’t “get” NASCAR, I’d jump at a chance to ride like you did.


  • Brian · October 15, 2007

    So what is it like to be shot out of a canon?

  • Krysty · October 15, 2007

    I can’t believe you didn’t get a picture of Chick Hicks though! ha, ha (still my all-time favorite Pixar movie!) Those are awesome pictures of the speedway though. I hear it’s an addicting (& expensive) sport!

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