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logo.pngI have blogged this before, but I am a big fan of a guy named Gabe Taviano. Through some mutual friends, Gabe and I were able to meet one another about a year ago. Gabe has been blessed by God with an incredible gift with technology and web design. When we met for lunch, we discussed some visions that God laid on our hearts. One that he was just getting ready to launch was the Godsmac podcast. 32 episodes later, our paths have crossed again.

I recently had the blessing of being interviewed for the Godmac Podcast to discuss both my blog and the site. Gabe recently joined as a contributor to the site so it was a great opportunity to share what God has been doing through our sites. I post the podcast below so that you can get a sample of one of their podcasts as well as hear a little bit about both my blog and I encourage you to subscribe to the Godsmac podcast at their site. Lee and Gabe are doing an amazing job of using technology to reach the world for Christ.

If you have ever wondered why I do this thing called blogging, or wanted a peak behind the blog, you can hear it on this interview. If you were curious about or how it got started, we cover that in this interview as well. I want to thank Gabe and Lee for the opportunity to be a part of an wonderful thing like God’s Mac. May he continue to bless your ministry to advance his kingdom.

The interview starts at the 18:44 mark.

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