friday.jpgIt’s October 19th, in Ohio and 70 degrees outside…in Ohio!

Big weekend for the scrapbooking community at our church. The special guest speaker is none other than my sister! I’m not proud of her or anything.

Big weekend in our household too. My wife is running in the Columbus Marathon on Sunday. Keep her in your prayers as she completes the race she feels God has called her to run. I’ll be walking a whopping 1/2 mile to catch the beginning, middle and end.

With apologies to Justin Timberlake, “I’m Bringin’ Lazy Back”!

For you Indians fans out there, there’s a great article on Paul Byrd’s faith HERE.

For you baseball movie fans, there was a new movie that launched last weekend called “The Final Season“. The official site is HERE

Tuesday’s new releases include the new Steven Curtis Chapman CD called “This Moment”. If you can’t wait that long, head over to THIS SITE and register (it’s free) for an account. There you can hear the entire album before it hits the streets on Tuesday.

Just a heads up…if you like the song “Stealing Cinderella“, you have got to download “Cinderella” on Steven Curtis Chapman’s new CD on Tuesday. I’m still trying to recover from hearing it the first time…ugh.

Have a great weekend and GO TRIBE!!!