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“Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman

img_3666.jpgI have been waiting and waiting for the last 2 weeks for a good opportunity to post this song. My buddy Clay gave me one tonight. You see, tonight at 6:30, Clay and his wife Christine entered a whole new dimension. They welcomed a little daughter into this world. This isn’t their first child, but it is their first little girl. Now it starts. Now songs like this one from Steven Curtis Chapman take on a whole new meaning. Congratulations Clay and Christine. Get your dancin’ shoes on. Here’s your long distance dedication!

Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman from the CD “This Moment



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  • Kristin · November 7, 2007

    One more time, AAron, you were able to take the feeling of parenthood and hit the nail on the head. And I am only a mother! I can’t imagine how difficult it is going to be for Dennis to have to loosen the reigns on his little Cinderellas.

  • Sienna @ Hilltown Families · November 8, 2007

    What a sweet song. Thank you for posting it. It’s a great discovery for us. My daughter and I host a weekly family radio program. We’ll have to find the CD so we can give it a spin.

  • Carol · January 19, 2008

    Oh my, our little “Cinderella Megan” is getting married this summer . . . .

    what a great father/daughter song to dance to!

    Thank you Steven!

  • Kate · February 8, 2008

    I heard this song this morning for the 1st time and I had to pull over becuase I was crying so hard. One of the last pictures I have of my dad & I was of us dancing. We were goofing off and my 10 yr son took a picture of us. I hope to find the words and print them out to be hung in a frame with the picture of us. I am so sad, but I cant stop smiling at how I felt in the arms of my Poppy. I love you dad…always and forever.

  • Richard · February 13, 2008

    I’m a father of a boy and I did not understand why people keep saying that having a girl will change my life. Once I saw my baby girl I understood what they meant. I never want to miss a single moment with her. Thank you Mr. Chapman for making this song! Your lyrics deeply express the emotions of what a father has gone though, will go though and continue to go though with a daughter.

  • em · February 17, 2008

    this song made me a cry too.. and im the cinderella in this situation… i totally want it to be my father-daughter song at my wedding!! i love it so much

  • jj · February 21, 2008

    What a great song.. I have two of them and they are the world to me…

  • Ashley · March 6, 2008

    this is an amazing song…our sunshine society at school hosted a Daddy Date night Tuesday and my dad and I went to it. a girl in my grade (junior) sang this song for us and my dad was almost crying along with me…i am 17 and he knows i will be gone before too long…the words to this song are perfect for daddies and daughters…i love it…thanks for a song like this

  • Rebekah Koenig · April 12, 2008

    I just want to say that the song Cinderella means so much to me because I am going to do a solo at my dance performance and I am excited to dance to it because life goes by so fast and you need to make the most of it. Espesially with your kids because before you know it, they will be gone. Thank you very much.

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