I Do Actually Work!

There have been some friends that question if I actually work, or just fly around the country going on field trips. Who knew the paparazzi would somehow catch me in the act of actually working? Hopefully this will end all speculation.

Update: -Thanks to the Mudpuppy, I must point out that this is NOT a funeral and that is NOT a casket behind me. It was a rather lavish conference room as evidence by the flower arrangements. I does remind me a little of Fletch though.


6 thoughts on “I Do Actually Work!

  1. You guys are killing me. I didn’t even notice that it looks like a casket behind me! No, it was not a eulogy. I was speaking to a large group in a overly done conference room. Thus the flowers and mirrors.


    It actually looks a little like “Fletch” too when he was introducing Fred “The Dorf” Dorfman. http://youtube.com/watch?v=reguST59r-I

  2. lol now that they mention it…. lol

    it would be kinda interesting wearing nametag at a funeral. but ya know, that actually might not be a bad idea… figure out who is who without having to wait for them to tell you who in the world they are and how they knew so and so…

  3. Fred – I speak to large groups about the dangers of wearing name tags while performing a eulogy….

    Just kidding. I’ll send you something off-line that better explains what I would do. I would type it here, but it’s top double secret.

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