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Into Every Life….

photo_112.jpgWe’ve all heard it said that “into every life a little rain must fall”. Well, when I got off of the plane today and looked out the windows at Seattle, it was raining. Just like the movies. That was about the extent of the “rain” that fell today though. It all started when my hotel let me check in early (which NEVER happens). About an hour later, I had the absolute blessing of meeting Susan and Richard Peralta in person. We have been anticipating this for several weeks and were thrilled when it all came together.

I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful afternoon this turned out to be. We had the opportunity to share a meal together, trade stories about our families and discuss our hearts and vision for ministry. After our meal, we headed towards downtown Seattle with no real plan in mind. Our road trip took us past Safeco Field and the Space Needle. We didn’t realize it, but the Seattle Seahawks were playing on Monday Night Football tonight as well. We joked that we would tell everyone that we went to the game together.

I type all of this to say that once again I am amazed at what I believe are “Divine Moments” in our lives. Two weeks ago, I had the blessing of meeting Jeremy Wheeler, my brother from AC180. Today, it was Susan and Richard. When I say my prayers tonight, I will thank God for these opportunities to enrich my life by meeting Godly people with incredible hearts for people, their families and ministry. To Jeremy, Richard and Susan, I thank you. I thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to coordinate our time together.

I am a richer man tonight after having the opportunity to meet and spend time with you all.


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  • faithwalk · November 13, 2007

    The privilege and blessing was ours Aaron!
    Thank you for spending the day with us, for a wonderful lunch ( we ate the cheesecake on the way home and it was yummy :-) ) but most of all for sharing your heart, life and vision. I know that I know, that the Lord has great things in store for you. :-D
    Now before I fill this up with smiley faces, I’ll say good night and go to bed as it’s almost 2am ( I wound up taking our son to the ER to get his finger set )…

    We will be lifting you up in prayer, and the Lord willing hope someday to meet again! And who knows, maybe next time we’ll actually go in to see the game. :-)
    Don’t forget to give Stef a big hug for me when you see him!

    Blessings to you brother, and a safe trip home!

    Susan and Richard

  • Brian · November 13, 2007

    Thought you would like to hear a funny story about the space needle.

    When I was around 5ish my family when to visit my aunt in Seattle. This was just after Mount St. Helen erupted. We where eating dinner at the top which is a revolving room and my foot got stuck between the moving seat and the non-moving outside wall. They had to stop the room to get my foot out and the staff felt so bad that they gave me a free dessert. The dessert was a chocolate volcano. Thing you do when your 5 for a free dessert I guess.

  • timbob · November 13, 2007

    Greetings. Sounds like a very blessed time indeed. I tend to “bug” Richard anbd Susan by phone about twice a week. They are such a blessing as are all of the saints in bloggerland.

    I was reading down a little and thought of commenting on another post, but will just combine the comments here. I thought of getting a hold of Tony Dungys book which you mentioned. I read a few paragraphs one night at Meijers and it was quite intersting. It’s great to find folks who have an eternal perspective on things and Tony Dungy is indeed a city that’s set upon a hill.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


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