nametag.jpgNot a whole lot to pull out of to today’s text from Nehemiah. Or is there?

One of the accounts I read noted that “…from Nehemiah’s careful record of personal names, we see a leader who noticed individuals; he knew their names and noted their achievements“. That put todays reading in a whole new context for me.

I have often heard it said that “there is no greater sound to someone than the sound of their own name“. Think about it. Isn’t it great when someone says your name? It’s even better when someone remembers your name. Nehemiah knew each name and made sure they were recognized. This also tells me that Nehemiah realized two essential things that each person longs for.

1. To be known
2. To have purpose and accomplish something each day.

My friend Joel has a great post today on “Names”. Check it out if you get a chance – (here)