Is there a game tomorrow?

You all know I’m a Carolina fan, but you can’t live in Columbus and not get caught up in this thing. Mud, Tom, Man of Steel, you guys know I love ya, but this is business….

GO BUCKS! (just not on November 28th@ 9:00pm)


4 thoughts on “Is there a game tomorrow?

  1. This should be a good game.

    It’s ironic that on the 20th anniversary of the Earle Bruce “Headband” game that it’s the U of M coach that is in the crosshairs. I do hope that Coach Carr stays on for a bit longer.

    Coach Tressel appears to have his number. Dial that number, Tress.

    Go Bucks!

  2. That’s probably my son at school today. Eric has a meeting tonight at The Buckeye Cafe… a die hard Michigan fan decked in maize and blue in OSU territory!!! Pray for him!!!

    Go Blue!!

  3. Caption:

    Children are listed by highest grade point average from left to right. Some are so bright…they are just in a class by themselves!

    It’s obvious, he is #1

  4. Mike – “Dial those numbers”..LOL. I remember when Larry Bird was retiring at the end of the season and they played my Cavaliers in the playoffs, someone made a sign everyone read on the way to the game that said “This way to Larry Bird’s Final Game”. Pretty funny.

    Mary – I will be interceding for Eric tonight. Talk about the lions den!

    Tom – very well done.

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