God Speaking

Tonight our lesson from “Starting Point” was a discussion on the Holy Spirit. Our discussion was centered around questions about times when you have felt (or heard) that “still small voice” in your life. As I was reading over the chapter and thinking about those times in my life, this song by Mandisa came to mind. Many of you will remember Mandisa from American Idol fame. Of all the songs on her debut CD “True Beauty”, this is the one that sent chills up my spine.

Lord give me ears to hear your voice, wisdom to discern your leadership, patience to see it unfold and the strength to act on your direction.

God Speaking” by Mandisa from the CD “True Beauty

2 Replies to “God Speaking”

  1. Kurt

    Starting Point is some great stuff! I went through it in the spring of 2000. Interestingly, because of my move, I am again a member at NPCC. I also am going to begin training shortly to become a Starting Point group leader. I am very passionate about that ministry. I believe it’s key.

  2. Cristina

    My husband and I have been Starting Point leaders at our CO church for 2+ years. We LOVE it and have seen so many people come to Christ through it. It’s great to see that you are involved in this awesome small group.

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