worship No, I didn’t misspell the word Reign. Yes, this is a post about a song by Mercyme, but it’s not the song you think it is. I had the opportunity to hear an interview with the guys from Mercyme this weekend on Sirius Satellite Radio. It was great background information on the CD and what went into writing it.

I have already told you that “God With Us” and “Finally Home” are certified hits on this CD, but the one below is one I cannot get away from. They said they wrote this CD for the church. They wrote it for worship. “You Reign” is no doubt one of those songs. I envision a large congregation, hands raised belting the chorus. Better yet, I envision a day when every knee will bow, every tongue confess.

I envision a day when all we can say or do is give glory and honor and praise to the one that is so worthy. “Glory in the highest…you reign”.

You Reign” by Mercyme from the CD “All That is Within Me“.