True Colors…



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  1. Aaron

    No doubt. Hilliard Ohio has some of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen. We didn’t even realize that until after took the pictures and looked at them last night. I’d like admit that it was creative planning, but the truth is that it was luck.

  2. dgeorge85

    allright. . .make up your mind. You can’t be both a tar heel and a buckeye? At least we know what you wore on the “outside”, even though it’s God who sees in our heart or should I say under our shirt. Oh well, maybe next year?!

  3. Stef

    A true Tar Heel an would have worn blue last night and not worried about any stipulations, etc. Nice to see that you support the home team and that you are coming to your senses!

  4. Mary Wooten

    dito with dennis and stef!! A true fan would wear their colors proud!!! But I disagree about coming to your senses to become a Buckeye. sorry stef. Ha!Ha! What about Austin? Was he wild with excitement?

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