You Gotta Love the Timing!

So tomorrow wraps up the 19 days of Nehemiah reading. How’d you do? I’ll be honest and say that I read ahead a couple of the days. I also didn’t read at all a few of those days. My friend Chris mentioned that he read it all at once! I say as long as it spoke to you, moved you, taught you something than it was worth it. I can honestly say that it moved me to do something!

I couldn’t believe the timing of this. I opened Yahoo news tonight to read a headline that said “Israeli says elusive biblical wall found“. In case you missed it, they think they found a part of the wall that Nehemiah built! How about that for timing? To those that shared the 19 days, thanks! We’ll see what comes up next but it was fun sharing the journey.

If they find everything we read about, maybe we should study Noah next?!?!

11 Replies to “You Gotta Love the Timing!”

  1. Heidi

    I read the rest of Nehemiah when I was in the hospital. I’m about to post the ending here in a couple hours, but I reminded of just what Nehemiah stode for. I wish I had a Nehemiah’s in my life


    Noah??? Let’s get it on..

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