joseph-mary It’s that time of year when you dust off the Christmas CD’s and give them 30 days worth of listening. This year, I decided to download some new offerings which included “The Christmas Sessions” by Mercyme. There is one song that has me reflecting on Joseph. Often when I look at the nativity, I see Mary. I see Jesus. I see the animals. But, as a father, have I ever put myself in the position of Joseph? Have I ever reflected on his thoughts, his feelings at the moment Jesus was born?

The birth of all 3 of my children was quite possibly a three way tie for the greatest moment in my life. Yet, they were all three MY children. I held them and dreamed of what they would look like, who they would become, what they would love, fear, dream and choose. Imagine Joseph. Imagine knowing the destiny of your child. I love this lyric –

“I believe the glory of Heaven
Is lying in my arms tonight.
Lord I ask that he, for just this moment
Simply be my child” – Mercyme

Ugh. It leaves me numb. I imagine Joseph felt the same. I can almost feel the request of Joseph to steal a moment with this baby. To look at his fingers and toes. To look at his face and wonder, ponder and dream. Maybe even put his cheek next to the face of the child that would save the world.

I’ll never look at a nativity the same way again…..

Joseph’s Lullaby” by Mercyme from the CD “The Christmas Sessions