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hands folded in prayer-799927 I bring this to the blogging community because you have been such prayer warriors for requests in the past. A friend and supporter of this blog has a brother that can really use our prayers right now. Would you commit to praying for Kerri and her brother Gary? We are specifically praying for healing and strength for Gary as well as peace and comfort for Kerri and her entire family. Your prayers and interceding for this family are appreciated.

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  1. faithwalk

    Aaron, I am praying. It seems there are no end to the needs; I sincerely wish I could stay home today, in the quiet presence of the Lord worshipping and in intercession but I’m still hanging in at the job for a while longer. But it should be slow today, and regardless by the Lords grace will endeavor to remain in an attitude of prayer.

    Please pray for my sister Carol as well. She was told yesterday that it looks like she has bone cancer. My cousin John just got the same news, both are in their early fifties…

    Blessings to you and your family Aaron, I pray you are all enjoying this Christmas season together!


  2. psychscribe

    I will pray for Kerry and Gary, and also for Carol and John as mentioned by faithwalk. I myself am very sick right now. Please pray for me as well.

  3. loopyloo350

    May God bless those who have need and may he guide them during their darkness. May he stand at their shoulders and give them his strength.

  4. Aaron

    Thank you all! Please let me know if I can ever return the favor by lifting prayers or praises for you as well. Susan, your request will be lifted by my entire family. Please keep me posted.

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