“Everytime you forgive someone who hurt you, encourage someone who feels defeated, extend compassion to someone who stands alone, confront someone in love, open your heart to a friend, reconcile with an enemy, devote time to a child, you align yourself with God’s central purpose in this world.” – John Ortberg

Tonight a blog site was brought to my attention that I have to pass along. This is no ordinary blog site. The link below is for a young man that I don’t know. I have never met him and know him only through reading the posts on his blog. Yet after reading his story I am compelled to pray for him. I am committed to joining in his journey. I share his link with you because over the time I have known you, you are likely to do the same.

To Tyler I would say that you are now a member of this blogging communities network of prayer. Your story is our story and my family and I are praying for you. May God reveal himself and bring you peace through your journey.

Tyler Alfriends Bloghttp://tyleralfriend.blogspot.com