dude28_buffalochickenksandwich_400a Tis the season. The regulars and those that know me well know that I have a weakness for two things – Diet Coke and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. Over the years I have developed a little ranking system on the very best Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches in Columbus, Ohio. I am here today to announce that there has been an upset!

It all started with my man “D-Rich” and I having lunch at a place over on campus called “Wendell’s“. When they delivered our Buffalo Chicken, I knew that the previous number one (Max and Erma’s) was in for big trouble. After consuming the meal it was clear that we had an upset on our hands! To be fair, one week later, I brought in another “committee member”. Stef and I got elbows deep at Wendell’s again and we now have a clear cut number one. It is out of these two lunches with friends that the first official B.C.S (Buffalo Chicken Sandwich) rankings was born. Without further ado…I give you the ranking.

1. Wendell’s Alumni Grill – Lane Avenue in Columbus, Ohio
2. Max and Erma’s – Various locations
3. Beef o’ Brady’s – Hilliard, Ohio*
4. Chili’s – Various Locations
5. O’Charley’s – Various Locations
6. Quaker Steak and Lube – Various Locations
7. Burger King – Various Locations
8. Wendy’s – Various Locations (order with the Frescata bread)
9. Applebees – Various Locations
10. Red Robin – Various Locations
*indicates a wrap and not a sandwich

We have set the following bowl games for January –

Wendell’s vs. Max and Erma’s in the Nexium Bowl

Beef o’ Brady’s and Chili’s in the Prilosec bowl

O’Charleys vs. Quaker Steak and Lube in the Pepcid AC Bowl

Burger King vs. Wendy’s in the Protonix Bowl

Applebee’s vs. Red Robin in the Tums Bowl

Anyone wishing to join in the voting will need to drop me an email. I’m game to set up the opportunity to vote for the standings at any time. Who knows…there maybe another “Wendell’s” out there somewhere just waiting to shake up the standings again!!