Our Christmas Card

As most of you know, I have been dubbed the “King of Restless” which is not too far from the truth. It’s a crown I wear with pride, but it sure doesn’t help when it comes to email address books. All of my moves, adds and changes have caused my address books to be spread over more email accounts than I care to admit. So, if I missed you on the initial email, consider this my attempt to get you our annual Christmas card.

Last year, right about the time that the dollar figure for creating the family postcard and postage started to climb into the “outrageous” category, God laid it on our heart to do something different with those dollars. I heard an ad on the radio for the local mission that stated we could provide a warm holiday meal for the low cost of $1.79 (see link below). I couldn’t believe how little it would cost to provide something so meaningful. When weighed against the cost of something that gets eventually thrown away, the choice was easy. We emailed our card for free and contributed the usual card costs to Faith Mission.

So, again, if I missed you on the email list, I apologize. It has more to do with my crazy email address books than anything else. You can download our card at the link below. May God bless you and yours as we celebrate the birth of Christ again this year. Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Cardconrads-merry-christmas.doc

Faith Missionhttp://www.faithmissionohio.org/monthly_1207.cfm

7 thoughts on “Our Christmas Card

  1. That’s a great idea! We need more people thinking outside the box like this.

    I was talking about this just yesterday. We have magazines we advertise in sending us Christmas goodies every year. Very extravagant even. The one we got yesterday was this crazy over packaged box of sugar cookies. I swear this thing cost at least $100 without including shipping… and it only had 6 cookies in it.

    I say what a waste. That money could have been used to help someone!!

  2. Yikes. Thanks Mud. That’s 36 meals! It adds up quickly when you think about it. When I add up my daily expenditures, and then divide that by how many meals I could have paid for, it puts a lot in perspective. Thanks for supporting our idea. We’re just doing our best to be the “Hands and Feet”.

    Sure hope you guys put a big ol’ ad in their magazine if they are dropping $4 cookies on you guys 🙂

  3. I bought a Dr. Pepper next door on my break this afternoon, and while I was walking out I was thinking that the price was pretty close to that $1.79.

    Makes you think…

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