No Wonder?

SA2600z_small The other night, we watched “The Nativity Story” (or as my son called it, “The Negativity Story”). It was pretty good. I couldn’t help but be struck by seeing a human baby come into this world. I wondered if I have forgotten the wonder of it. The fact that God came into this world as a baby, in human flesh. He came with a purpose and lived just like the rest of us to get there.

Max Lucado once wrote:

..for some the loss of mystery has led to the loss of majesty. The more we know, the less we believe. Ironically, the more we know, the less we worship. We are more impressed with our discovery of the light switch than with the one who invented electricity…Rather than worship the Creator, we worship the creation. (See Romans 1:25).

I am challenged, especially at this time of year, by those words. Have I lost, or taken for granted the wonder of it all? Do I miss the reality that God became man by getting so caught up in everything else?

As Max Lucado said – “No wonder there is no wonder. We’ve figured it all out.

God with Us” by Mercyme from the CD “All That is Within Me

32 thoughts on “No Wonder?

  1. What a concept. That this “wonder” would want to have a Personal relationship with …… Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I watched the Nativity this Sunday too. We were snowbound and church service was canceled. I enjoyed this movie. One aspect caught me by surprise at the birth. It was the vindication of Mary’s faith. It was almost a, now do you believe me moment? She had to carry that struggle with her all the way until the birth. What a gal! Praise God for this young woman’s faith! And for Joseph too.

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