pen_paper I’ll be posting some of the “Best of 2007” stuff next week, but driving home from Cleveland tonight, I heard this song and thought it couldn’t wait. I think we see a lot of this kind of talk this time of year. I wondered as I drove if this is something we should do ALL year long. I even thought “let it start with me”. So I am incorporating this as my “motto” for 2008….”Surely we can change..something“.

And the problem it seems
Is with you and me
Not the Love who came
To repair everything

When all the love in the world
Is right here among us
And hatred too
And so we must choose
What our hands will do

Where there is pain
Let us bring grace
Where there is suffering
Bring serenity
For those afraid
Let us be brave
Where there is misery
Let us bring them relief
And surely we can change
Surely we can change
Oh surely we can change

Surely We Can Change” by David Crowder Band from the CD “Remedy