It’s official, with this post, I am breaking nearly ever personal blog rule I ever set in place. I think I am also breaking man law #53 by posting a prom picture from high school which includes another friend. All that being said, I am “taking one for the team” here too. By posting this picture I am showing that I did, in fact, once have hair. I’m also showing the early stages of what was to one day become my “sweet mullet“. If you look close enough…you can see the “party starting in the back”.

I don’t post this as a gift to all of you that have been requesting photo proof of said Mullet, I have a much greater purpose. It’s the other arrow! I and this blog community are going to be absolutely blessed by the recent creation of a blog called “Christian Caterpillar Metamorphisis“. It was created by none other than one of my lifelong and dearest friends, Ernie Ley. I couldn’t be more excited about this! You’re gonna love this guy!

The image above is just one of many, many great memories I have with Ern. We attended different high schools, but grew up together through those years, after college and before Heather and I moved to C-Bus. Ern, his brother Steve and their cousin Tim are like brothers to me. Oh the stories I could tell. For now, do me a favor and bookmark, blogroll, feed link my man Ern today! He’s just getting started, but I know he’s going to bring some great stuff to this community. Ern’s Link

I leave you, and Ern with one of the songs we used to cruise to back in the day. Look it was the 80’s, what did you expect?

The Promise” by When in Rome.