daughtrycd.jpgLike everyone else, I hope to do some year end “Best of” posting this week. While I am not sure what all I will get to the web, I’ve got a few things in mind. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, most of it will not come as any big surprise.

With that said, my choice for Song (and maybe CD) of the year is “Home” by Daughtry. While there was a TON of great music this year, for me personally, I relate with this song. I connected with it the first time I heard it (not because he’s a fellow bald guy). The lyric below is priceless. If you haven’t downloaded Daughtry’s CD, I recommend it highly.

Be careful what you wish for
Cause you just might get it all
And then some you don’t want

Home” by Daughtry