Quick Question…

questionmarks.jpgAs 2007 rolled into 2008, I took some time to evaluate the things that occupy my time. Obviously one of those “things” is this very blog. I often joke that this thing has taken on a life of it’s own over the years. What started off as a quick diary for family has become a daily digest of my thoughts.

As I look ahead to 2008 and what to do next, I guess I have one quick question for those that read the blog.

Q: Why do you read this blog?Β 

I could be opening a whole can of worms with that simple question, but your feedback is appreciated. I generally filter a lot of things that I think I should blog to get to what actually makes it to the web (sports, movies, current events, music, random thoughts). I’m wondering if I should filter more or less? Your feedback will help me determine what I post and when. This is a chance for many of you that follow but don’t generally comment to let me know why you read too.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Hopefully it will help me to become a better blogger and the site more entertaining for those that read. Thanks again for taking a few minutes to provide some feedback.

15 thoughts on “Quick Question…

  1. I just realized that I never got back to answer your question…

    Because we shared Chipolte, and because you bring it every time!

    As for what your content should be, just be you. I personally think you worry too much about what others might think.

    But then again, that’s you being you right? πŸ™‚

  2. I read your blog because it gives me insight into the life of someone who shares herself honestly and openly. I love reading how other Christian women is living out their faith. It motivates me in my walk.
    I also love your recipes.

  3. Liza – Thanks so much for the kind words! It amazes me that I have a reader all the way in Hawaii!

    Mike – All this and twitter too πŸ™‚

    Mud – You’re my inspiration brother. I can’t believe how often I will think to post something and you already have it, or vice versa. Well, all except of the Tar Heel stuff. Chipolte is calling us to return soon!

    Evelyn – I’m not sure you have the right blog. LOL. I’m honored by the kind words though. I have never posted a recipe, but that gives me some ideas for 2008! Thanks for your feedback.

  4. I read so many women blogs its inspiring to read a man, also πŸ™‚ I like your variety of family life, Christian living and music reviews, etc….

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Aaron, I agree with Mudpuppy. Post on, brother. You know what and when to post and it is ok to be edgy. It keeps us on our toes and entertained. Count me in on the next Chipolte run.

  6. You were one of the first people I connected with when I started blogging a year ago. I love your transparency, challenging thoughts, insight, and the example of a good Christian man and father. Thanks for sharing with us all. I love the variety—keep it going!!!

  7. Michelle – Thank you for your feedback and for all of your encouraging comments over the past year!

    Stef – you can count on the Chipolte this time. We won’t let you miss the next one. You’re the reason this thing has gone as long as it has. Remember “Bloggers Block” several months ago and a conversation in the hallway about it? Bet you never knew that….

    Rindy – Ditto! I think we started on WP.com at the same time and have been growing in our blogging ever since. Remember, you owe me a phone call when you get to cincy!

  8. You might be the only adult conversation I have all day long!!!

    I enjoy listening to your thoughts as a Christian Dad, you keep me up to date on my music, I know if a movie is worth seeing or not, and it just keeps me connected.

    I agree with MudPuppy… don’t worry about what others think. You just keep doing what the Lord guides you to do. Keep on blogging!!

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