footsteps.jpgYou can say what you think, but you will live what you believe” – Mark Hall

I witnessed something today that still has me reflecting on it. Simply put, I witnessed two friends “walking the walk” in their lives. They probably don’t know I noticed. My guess is that they are not even aware that anyone noticed. I would also bet the house that they are not even thinking “I sure hope someone saw that”. It’s not in their nature. It’s not their style. It is how they live what they believe.

What I saw today on two separate occasions is two different men that I consider brothers in Christ living out what they say. I know that at the very core of these men, they care deeply about other people. I have had the privilege the past few years of hearing them talk about it and sharing conversations regarding it. Today, I witness words in motion. I witnessed actions that speak louder than words.

I write this because we never know who is watching. We may never know the impact of a life lived by the ones that we don’t even know are viewing it. What strikes me is that the most meaningful part of this whole story is that the two guys I mention probably don’t care about who was watching. They were too busy caring about what they were doing. Which set an example no words could explain.

Thanks guys….