img_3858.jpgIt’s official, Northwest Columbus now has an All Pro Dad chapter. 32 Dads and approximately 60 children came out early Saturday morning to share breakfast together, have some laughs and take the first step on a journey of being All Pro Dads. I was overwhelmed by the response. From friends like Clay and Stef to some new Dads I have never met, they were all there to make a statement. By attending, they were saying that they are committed to investing time into the most important gift we have ever been given…our children. To all that came out, thank you! You’ve got my commitment that we are just getting started on this road together. I can’t wait to share it with each one of you.

As we look ahead to February 2nd, take the words to this song to heart. Let’s commit to “saying it loud, saying it clear” and to making the investment in our children in our living years. Thanks again guys!

Russ Lee – “The Living Years