Go Bucks!

I’m a Tar Heel fan (15-0) that grew up in Cleveland and lives in Columbus. It doesn’t mean that I don’t cheer for the Buckeyes when I can. How about a little pre-game hype. Go Bucks!


2 Replies to “Go Bucks!”

  1. Stepanie

    I’m not a big OSU fan. I always root for Michigan because I was born there. But I really wanted OSU to win the game against LSU. I have to say, Coach Tressel has done a marvelous job coaching his players to many victories. Was sad to see that OSU didn’t win the game.

  2. MichaelConners

    This year’s Buckeyes were picked pre-season to take 3rd place in the Big 10.

    They exceeded expectations by a mile, in this a rebuilding year.

    Wait and see if any of the players leaves early for the pros.

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