Soulja Boy

This song and dance is everywhere. After seeing some little kids performing it while I was at the Ohio State Basketball game tonight, I am determined to teach it to Brynn. Since the last dance craze I know and can remember is the electric slide, I went looking for some help. Who else to have as your personal dance instructor than Lebron James himself? For those that have missed it (I might be the only one)…here’s how to “Soulja Boy”


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  1. Kerri

    This is definitely the craze. There are tons of Youtube sites to help you learn this dance. My son and I are working on it so we can do it at a wedding reception coming up. Never too old to be “cool”, right?

  2. Mary

    Thank goodness you have cleared something up for me!!! Eric asked if he could listen to this song with his cousin. I had no clue what it was!!! He said, “It is so cool and there is a dance to it. Can you teach it to me?” Gotta stay up on my game. Do you think I need to show my MC Hammer moves? Or what about the Roger Rabbit?

  3. Kerri

    I have a family to raise and a meeting to get ready for but I can’t stop watching LJ do “Crank That”. Talk about dancing like no one’s watching and then dancing like everyone is watching!

  4. EddieV

    That is a great video, it is fun to watch King James have a little fun wit himself. He never misses a beat. I hope they win it all this year, if they can just start winning now.

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