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He said “Thanks”!

img_3764.jpgBig moment last night at our house. Halftime of the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game hit at the kids bedtime hour so we all headed upstairs for a story and prayers. Since the Buckeyes were getting beat by 20 when we went upstairs, my sons request to stay up and watch the rest of the game was denied by management (me). It wasn’t received well, but was received none the less. Off to bed he went.

I’m not sure how it is with your kids, but I wish I had a dollar for each time I have had to say “what do you say?” when a thank you was in order. For example, someone gives him a gift, or does a favor. Since he was born we have always had to follow that up with.. “What do you say?” The girls seem to have had this programmed into their DNA at birth. For my son it has been a training session since day one. He’s not rude or anything, “Thank you” just doesn’t come naturally for him.

So by the time I get back down to the TV, Ohio State is now down by 7 and then 3. Since I wanted to share the excitement with someone, I went up and told him the score and that if he wanted to watch a little bit he could (RETREAT!!!). He accepted and we watched about 30 minutes of the game together. I sent him back up to his room with about 5 minutes left in the game and OSU clearly out of it. Here’s the point of this long story…

He got out of bed a few minutes later and without prompting said “Dad…thanks for letting me stay up to watch the game” and went back to bed. It might not seem like much, but it was a big moment in our house. I won’t forget that. Some would say that he was plotting to stay up tonight to see our Tar Heels play (9pm on ESPN), but I don’t think so. I think it was a combination of me realizing I better treasure the moments he wants to spend together and him seeing that too. Long story for one little word….thanks.


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  • momlovesbeingathome · January 16, 2008

    What a great story!!! Sometimes it’s important to remember that building memories and sharing moments like that can be more important than bedtimes and rules. Not that those don’t have a place but things like what you’ve told here really stick in a kid’s mind. :)

  • mudpuppy · January 16, 2008

    It tickles me pink when Tanner says “thanks”!!

    A couple weeks ago we were hanging out and he says, “I don’t tell you all the time, but I appreciate you!”


  • Mary · January 16, 2008

    Just love moments like that. But come on, here you have created a legacy of another Tar Heel fan and no game to watch!!! I mean let him watch a team that can really play ball. Ha! Ha!

    Confession… I did not even tell my little guy that UK was playing. Mainly because they aren’t worth staying up late to watch.

  • faithwalk · January 17, 2008

    “Long story for one little word….thanks.”

    And worth reading every word of it!
    Great post Aaron and yes, treasure every minute because believe it or not, the time does fly by and one day you’re looking at your youngest whose now a young man ready to graduate and head off to college…

    You think you’ll never forget anything but you do however You have this blog as a time capsule. You just might want to rethink having it printed for posterity’s sake! :-)

    Where did those years go I wonder?

    Blessings to you Aaron, I pray all is well!


  • Stephanie · January 17, 2008

    It’s so wonderful when the kids are young and little moments that mean so much to us as parents. My son is now 18 and I love to go back reminiscing with videos & photos of his younger days. My son still remembers a book I always read to him called “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. I buy the book whenever someone has a baby. If you read the book you’ll see why and it certainly is a tearjerker for a kids book. If anyone has a chance to pick it up I think you’ll agree.

  • mudpuppy · January 17, 2008

    This whole thread just reminded me that I have to give my parents a call…

  • Aaron · January 17, 2008

    “Love You Forever” is a great book! We have at least 2 copies of that book around the house. It’s a memory for me as well. Great feedback and comments everyone. In keeping with the post, I guess I should say “Thanks” for your comments and for reading!

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