I recently heard a sermon by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle on the subject of humility. You can find him on iTunes by searching for Mars Hill Church Seattle. I am taking some time to evaluate and process what I heard and how to apply it. More to come on that…

Here are “10 Recommendations to Clothe Yourself in Humility

1. Follow the truth wherever it leads.

2. Invite and pursue correction and council.

3. Learn from everyone including your critics

4. Repent quickly and thoroughly.

5. Celebrate Gods work in other Christians lives.

6. Cultivate a spirit of thankfulness.

7 . Listen to scripture more than yourself.

8. Exalt the name of Jesus in whatever you do.

9. Laugh.

10. Sleep.

Number 10 hammered me. Mark said “Proud people don’t sleep” and “Humble people sleep, proud people worry.”