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Is Blogging Prideful?

Maybe this is a rhetorical question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Would you say that blogging is a prideful exercise? Based on the sermon that created the two posts below, that is what I am asking myself. I think I already know the answer…



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  • Jaybrams · January 22, 2008

    it’s all dependent on how you approach it… same as “preaching” and “teaching” and every other profession/ministry that Christians can take part of… Worship is often just “hey check out my awesomeness… oh i mean… God’s awesomeness” …

    you’re blogging doesn’t seem prideful, unless you’re talking about your tar heels.

  • Janet · January 22, 2008

    My first reaction when considering this question was a little concern. One of the last things I want to be is prideful. With a little prayer and thought, I realized that blogging is like so many other activities–it can be made into merely just a prideful exercise or it can be so much more. Preaching itself can turn into a prideful thing, just as any kind of serving in the church can become more about–convincing others of what great Christian people we are– than anything else!

    I think we all just have to be careful of our attitudes, motives, goals…our heart. If we are truly seeking Him each day, He will show us when we start to get out of line a little–and the old prideful self is trying to break through again and show it’s ugly head! I don’t think we should suddenly just give up on something, if we start to see our attitude going awry. I think I have gotten so disappointed in myself before at times like this, that I have tended to want to do that. However, we should make sure we are being led by His spirit–either way. It’s prideful too to attempt to answer the problem ourselves–by discarding an activity (if He hasn’t told us to do so). Perhaps we just need to learn to lean on Him more and give our feelings of pride to Him.

    I will continue to pray about this issue, and I’ll be back if He imparts any more insights!

    I just believe that whatever we do, it’s extremely important to give Him the glory and to seek His face each day–asking Him to search our hearts and show us the way…

    Thanks for this post, and God bless!

  • Michelle · January 22, 2008

    To blog or not to blog was the title of my first post. I came down on the side of lifting up Jesus. I’m in a prison, of sorts, with a chronic illness which keeps me from participating in church activities as I would like. Blogging has allowed me to continue to have a ministry – not that I get tons of readers – but I pray the ones who need to hear, God will send. It’s also given me more people to pray for.

    Thanks for asking the question – it’s always good to examine yourself.

  • Janet · January 22, 2008

    Was I too prideful in my last comment?! :-D

    No, seriously, can you tell, I’ve really been giving this some thought and prayer today? I may even have to post about this too–for me, posting is an outlet, as well as a way of fellowshipping with other Christians, sharing, proclaiming Christ, etc.

    Like Michelle put it–“it’s always good to examine yourself.” I believe that as Christians, we need to continuously ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts each day and ask for His help to keep the right attitude and focus. To Him be the glory in all things…forever and ever…Amen!

  • Aaron · January 22, 2008

    Great comments from all!

    Janet – Thanks for your responses. I agree with what all of you have said. I think, like just about everything, the question becomes where your heart is. When I listened to the Podcast, for some reason, there were two very distinct areas that jumped out at me in my own life. One of the two was blogging. I don’t know why and that is why I have been taking some time to think about that area. Why do I do this? Why blog? If the intent is for myself, then it’s time to unplug the keyboard and walk away.

    However, if the intent is in line with what God would have me do and in doing so, in some way, blesses others than I think blogging is a tool that can be used for the Kingdom. Based on your comments and knowing your site, I would say you are in line with where God would have you. Blog on!!

    I am still working through what my intent, focus and motive is. It’s muddy for me at the moment so I am working through that.

    and the “other issue” that I was challenged with in that podcast. :)

  • Chewie · January 22, 2008

    Blogging in and of itself is cannot be prideful because it is an action. It is the motivation for blogging that could be prideful.

    If the motivation is to fuel one’s own ego or sensation of separtness from others, then the act of blogging can be labelled as prideful. However, if one is blogging to promote discussion and gain or share insight into a subject, then the blog can also be labelled as not prideful.

    Similiarily, if one’s motivation is to promote discussion and gain insight in the hopes of increasing one’s sense of separtness, then it can be labelled as prideful.

    Only the individual performing the action can be fully aware of their motivations and desires if the individual is honest to their feelings. Any labels made by other parties are only relative observations that do not really reflect the true reality of another individual’s true feelings.

    The biggest conundrum is that the more one forces to be less prideful, the more one will become prideful. Ever meet a Christian that claims to be a better Christian than you because they’re more humble than you. ;D

  • ahavens · January 22, 2008

    purpose of you blogging = the answer.

  • krislinatin · January 23, 2008

    yes and no. sometimes i think it is, sometimes i just need an outlet for all my racing random thoughts and word studies.
    Spurgeon says this about blogging
    I would hope, as michelle does, that God will lead someone who needs to read something i wrote to my blog.
    I try to be as honest as possible as to show others that I’m just as ‘human’ as they are, but I love my Lord and He loves me, just as {crazy} as I am. :)

  • Saifuddin · January 23, 2008


    as-salaamu ‘alaikum. This is a very nice blog, I am pleased to have found it. I noticed something interesting about what you wrote here,

    “Would you say that blogging is a prideful exercise?”

    Doesn’t that depend on one’s intention and the subsequent actions relating to that intention. I think it does. So it may be a bit simple to blanket blogging as “prideful”.

    Perhaps you are evaluating the style of blogging that is particular to your writing technique and genre… but this seems more of a personal evaluation. One I myself have gone through… as I discuss here.


  • faithcatalyst · January 23, 2008

    How fascinating! Here I was just minding my own business and just starting up a blog for the first time and I find this challenge! Interesting.

    I have a feelinge we can get ourselves too introverted sometimes, wondering whether we are living up to some self-imposed standards. As has been commented, motivations can be revealing but even there I’m not sure we ever really know the truth. If we’re doing it to bolster up some weak self-esteem then there are better ways to do that, but perhaps we may be helped by this self-therapy that might be God guided.
    If we do it to reach the world we might be disappointed but who knows just who we might touch with God’s nudging.
    If we do it just to express some creative urge, hey, no problem, we may be expressing God’s gifting to us.

    But, hey, I’m a beginner to this stuff so I’m just blessed by you guys who write stuff and I’m going to enjoy this as a gift from God so write on!

  • littleshao · January 23, 2008

    i’m really happy to read this question and the many responses here because honestly, as a blogging Christian I too end up asking myself this question of whether what I blog about is 1. truly earnestly out of a heart to share and record God’s blessings; or 2. is a “surface activity” whereby I want to sorta exert some form of dominance and power in telling the world what I believe in. (i.e. and that they are, by inference, wrong)

    I think self-reflection would definitely help, and each time I ask the question, I end up becoming more conscious about how others may ‘read’ the post, and what my motivations are for posting it. I think it helps. keep going for our Lord!

  • Brian · January 23, 2008

    Just think of your blogging as insightful and helpful to others. I know it has inspired me to 1) be a Godlier man 2) be a better husband 3) be a better father 4) start my own blog when I had NO interest before.

    Thanks Brother (even if you didn’t score Colts tickets for us, J/K)

  • Jaybrams · January 23, 2008

    “If the intent is for myself, then it’s time to unplug the keyboard and walk away. ”

    I dunno… are we not allowed to do anything that is purely self-serving? I know that doesn’t sound “christian” but there are times where we need to refuel on our own… whether that be watching sports, playing vid games, or a sunday afternoon nap… The unwinding process in the long run helps our overall health, which in turn makes us better facilitators of God’s purpose.

    Similarly, venting/blogging/journalling may at times be very self-serving, but if ultimately it makes you a better person by allowing you to talk through and hear your thoughts… or maybe hear the comments, than there isn’t anything wrong with it.

  • Aaron · January 23, 2008

    To all of you…thanks. Great discussion and things for consideration. Who knew a rhetorical question would get such a response :)

    I think the common thread that runs through each response is that it is a matter of intent and your heart. I agree with Jeremy that it, at times, is a great outlet or place to just record thoughts.

    Thanks again to all of you for your responses and conversation!

  • Clay · January 23, 2008

    I’ve always liked people willing to honestly ask these reflective questions.

    It seems that if you’re asking the right questions… honestly… then your half way home. Great post. Great question.

  • Liza's Eyeview · January 24, 2008

    Can be prideful or humbling…. yes, it’s about intention and honesty…

  • Liza's Eyeview · January 24, 2008

    Can be prideful or humbling…. yes, it’s about intention and honesty…

  • Liza's Eyeview · January 24, 2008

    Can be prideful or humbling…. yes, it’s about intention and honesty…

  • Liza's Eyeview · January 24, 2008

    Can be prideful or humbling…. yes, it’s about intention and honesty…

  • Stef · January 24, 2008

    I think perception is everything. I do not, nor have I ever, perceived your blog as a prideful item in your life. For me, blogging is an outlet, a place to share and vent. I am ok with that.

  • thepatriot · January 26, 2008

    That is weird I have never been to your blog until today. Yet this morning, I was thinking this very thing. Why in fact do “I” blog? Is it pride? Do I wish to bestow my knowledge on the world? LOL. I think however most everybody here got it right, it’s all about your intent. I feel the same as Stef to some degree that I think about things and like to write them down.

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