Below are some of my other notes from the sermon on Humility by Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church Seattle:

“Nothing builds a church stronger and surer than humility. Nothing breaks and destroys a church faster or more suddenly than Pride”

“Pride gives a church a false sense of strength and longevity”

“When people ask me about Mars Hill, I tell them that I feel like I’m a kite and Jesus is a Hurricane”

“What we have been working on for 11 years can be undone by one or two prideful people. That is how fragile community is.”

“Pride so overwhelms the wisdom that you can’t hear it”

“You cannot pursue a good thing in a bad way and expect God to be well pleased”

“You and I would never have invented a humble God”

“Our name doesn’t matter. Jesus name matters. The Church name doesn’t matter. Jesus name matters”

“You will be miserable if you live for the glory of your own name”.

“The answer to every questions is this…what will exalt the name of Jesus?”

“God needs someone to lead. It might as well be someone who’s humble.”