I'm a lucky man

23371676 I have told my wife many times that if you want to judge my sanity, take a look at the inbox of my work email. It is a pretty good indication that if that inbox is full, I am stressed and close to losing what is left of my mind. Folks, since the turn of the calendar to 2008 my inbox has never been close to empty. To say I am stressed would be the understatement of a year that is only 3 weeks old. SERENITY NOW!!!

All that to say, I’m a lucky man. It only took a song by Montgomery Gentry to remind me of that fact. I’m not forgetting all of the great conversation on the prideful post, I’m humbled by what I so easily take for granted. Before this day is over, I am sure to listen to this song a few more times for perspective. “Lord knows I’m a lucky man”.

Lucky Man” by Montgomery Gentry

2 thoughts on “I'm a lucky man

  1. You can judge my sanity by looking at the laundry room. I guess you could call it my “inbox”. It never is empty!!! And the outbox has a hard time getting to its location. So I’ve adapted Eric’s motto, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.”

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