Coming to a town near you..

suitcase.jpgI just scheduled four trips to get the rolling road show moving in 2008. The travel season officially kicked off last weekend with a quick trip to Miami (65 and rainy). Check the schedule so far and drop me an email if I am coming to a town near you. My time will be limited, but I’ll do what I can.

Nicholasville, Kentucky – January 30/31

Orlando, Florida – February 7th

Rockville, Maryland – February 18/19

Phoenix, Arizona – February 20/21

Charlotte, North Carolina (God’s Country) – March 6th (tentative)

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  1. Dennis

    hey man….still waiting 4 u, the wife & kids to make a visit to our house the next time you’re in Cleveland – we have Trivia games awaiting!!!

    love the blog, can’t figure out how you find the time to do it….I presume you do sleep? on the keyboard maybe? do you have a drool-protected keyboard?

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