paper_mache_plain_masks.jpgI didn’t post anything on Heath Ledgers tragic death last week. I, like everyone else, was stunned at the news. To see a young life end so quickly and unexpectedly is hard to comprehend. Yet what I find so tragic is the reports after his death. It seemed like every web site, magazine and news paper were digging deeper and deeper into his life. Reports of drug use, insomnia, partying and depression were just a few that I read. Why do we do that? Why must we know that?

One of my favorite books is “Everybody’s Normal Until You Get to Know Them” by John Ortberg. I love his premise that we all come with an “as is” tag. It’s true. None of us are perfect. Hard as we may try to show that we are, we’re not. I don’t know about you, but trying to keep up the perfection is more tiring than simply admitting that I’m not perfect. What if, like “Cheers” we could go somewhere where everyone knows your name…and loves you anyway? What if there was a place where the masks weren’t required. If we could be who we are, see who others are? To know and be known. I wonder if it’s not our deepest desire.

I don’t know if that place exists. As long as we are human, we are prone to make assumptions, choose stereotypes and think we understand someone by getting a 30 second glimpse into their world. As long as we’re human, we all have one thing in common. We’re broken. While it may not show on the outside, on the inside we’re broken. We’re broken about something, for something, because of something or from something.

Lord, give us patience. Give us understanding. Forgive us for “not knowing what we do”. Your grace sees beyond our brokenness. Give us your eyes. Help us to extend your grace.

No One Else Knows” by Building 429