haveaniceday.jpgYesterday was a great day.

It all started yesterday morning with Columbus being covered in snow. I smiled as I shoveled the driveway knowing that in a few short hours I would board a plane for Phoenix, Arizona. My biggest concern was what I would do with my winter coat when I got there.

I got an early morning laugh when my son asked me if I was going to watch the Carolina game that night on my plane. I explained that they didn’t have TV’s on airplanes, but I would probably be able to watch a movie. Little did I know that Delta Airlines now has TV ON AIRPLANES! I could barely contain my excitement as I watched the game from the comfort of my airplane seat last night. I even found a pocket of phone signal at 30,000 feet long enough to text my little man and tell him I too was watching the game.

Upon arriving in the 70 degree evening in Phoenix I was finally able to complete a friendship loop that started with Stef and a former neighbor that moved to Phoenix. About 6 months ago I made a promise to connect with Troy Plant, a friend of Stef’s and supporter of my blog if I ever made it to Arizona. Last night we shared a dinner and got to know one another in real time. Troy is a great guy and if he ever starts a blog I will be one of the first to feature it. Just another highlight to a special day.

My son called me this morning at 5am (7am EST) to deliver the news that put a bow on the entire evening. “Hey Dad….guess what? Dook lost”. I caught the highlights on ESPN before going to bed, but it sounded even better when delivered from a 7 year old.

As the great philosopher “Ice Cube” once said…”Today was a good day“.