treo700wxdeep-purpleh4web.jpgA year ago I purchased a Treo for work. Little did I know at the time what news this device would deliver in the next 365 days. I couldn’t help but think of that today as I received an unexpected call with some very good news. I won’t go into details here, but it was something I had not anticipated and it left me speechless. I then used the same device to call my wife and give her the good news.

After those calls I sat thinking about how this one piece of technology has the power to change an entire day. This device was the one that informed me a friend was going through divorce. A few days later the answered call was another friend asking me to pray over a potential discovery of cancer. In a matter of moments and a couple of rings, this device changed my day both times.

I thought further about the emails this device has received. Good news and bad news both coming through the world wide web. I have used it to contact blogging friends across the U.S. as we coordinated the place we would meet when I arrived in their cities. I’ve used it to call family and wish happy birthday. I’ve used it to tell friends I was sorry for their loss. It has more than once heard me speak the words “I’ll be praying for you” into it (luckily it hasn’t held me accountable for the number of times I’ve said that).

All of these things in 365 days and one piece of technology. Sure is a lot to think about after a 2 minute phone call from your boss. I also wonder what the next 365 days and unknown amount of rings will bring.