The Week Ahead

calendar.jpgBig week in my little world. Check it out:

1. “90 Days in Heaven” landed at the library today. I’ll pick it up tonight.

2. The new Michael English CD hit the streets last week. Review coming soon

3. Tomorrow is Primary Day in Ohio. Get out and vote.

4. Really looking forward to the Casting Crowns concert on Thursday.

5. Pray for my friend and brother Stef this week. Especially on Thursday. Refuse to Lose brother!

6. I’m honored to be a part of Daily BlessingsFriday’s are Full of Blessings” starting this Friday.

7. What can be better than UNC vs. Dook on Saturday night at 9:00. Short of the rapture…you know where I will be. Revenge will be sweet and yes…I’m still bitter.

7 Replies to “The Week Ahead”

  1. Brian

    Your Heals better win, they just got their #1 ranking back. I think everyone is saying (about the #1 rank), I don’t want it, you take it, we don’t want it, you take it, no you take it, and so on and so forth.

  2. Aaron

    The cream always rises to the top as they say. I cannot think of any other team in the country (let alone the ACC) that could lose their starting and back up point guard for a month and even have the chance to get to number one. Ty Lawson is back, the team is better than when he left and Dook better be ready to play. Coach K will have them ready, but this is not the same team they faced a month ago.

    I forgot to mention that there is something special about spoiling senior night in your rivals gym. Ugh…I cannot wait!

  3. Aaron

    I’m REALLY hoping he blesses it on Saturday night, but since that really isn’t that “Kingdom Minded”, I have a feeling worshiping with Casting Crowns will be mentioned in there somewhere. I am praying especially for God to pour out His blessing on Stef this Thursday. That too, would make my week.

    Thanks for the invite. I’m honored to be asked.

  4. Stef

    Aaron, Thanks for the support for my CT scan on Thursday. We are looking at God’s goodness to be poured out that day!! Enjoy the concert on Thursday, yes, I am jealous!!

    Go Heels. Hope to see a huge smile on your face on Sunday morning!!!

  5. Aaron

    Stef – You would do the same for me. I can tell you if Casting Crowns sing “Prayer for a Friend” on Thursday night…It’ll be one of those moments.

    My smile will be so big when Roy’s Boys win on Saturday that you won’t have to wait till Sunday. You’ll see it from my house to yours!

    Refuse to Lose!

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